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Dr. Rahul Swaminathan, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Dr. Rahul Swaminathan

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Senior Researcher

Vision based AR

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Rahul Swaminathan joined the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in 2005 as a senior scientist. He obtained his Doctoral Degree (PhD.) in October 2003 from the Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, New York as a result of his research work within the field of Computer Vision. The topic of his doctoral thesis was the study and design of non-perspective imaging systems. During his thesis work, he conducted research on wide angle and catadioptric imaging systems, studying their geometry as well as patenting various works towards automatic design of imaging and projection systems. At Deutsche Telekom Labs he started and lead research on image recognition and free viewpoint TV projects, resulting in various patents and productizations. His areas of interest include novel imaging and display systems, 3D reconstruction, augmented reality amongst others. Besides the science of imaging, he is also interested in photography.