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Dr. Lyndon Nixon, STI International

Dr. Lyndon Nixon

STI International
Senior Researcher

Semantic leaves the Web: semantics on your smartphone, semantics in the television


The Semantic Web, simply by its name, has suggested that semantic information belongs on the Web and is typically found in the Web browser, whether through Web applications, mashups, visualisations, semantic search etc. In this talk, we highlight two examples of use of semantic data outside of the WorldWideWeb: one in a smartphone Augmented Reality application, the other in a personalized and socialized TV experience. By breaking semantics out of the Web, we bring it to people at their fingertips and in their living rooms, but we highlight also the challenges to the current Semantic Web / Linked Data languages which focus on the data and concepts, and too little on media annotation and presentation.


Dr. Lyndon J B Nixon joined STI International as senior postdoctoral researcher in November 2008.

He works as a workpackage leader in the European IP NoTube (semantic television) and Infrastructures project SEALS (benchmarking semantic tools), as well as project coordinator for the national projects SmartReality and ConnectME (semantic technology with augmented reality and interactive video, respectively).

Previously he was a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS (2001-2003) and the Free University of Berlin (2004-2008), where he acted as Industry Area Co-Manager of the EU NoE KnowledgeWeb and double Workpackage Leader in the EU STREP TripCom.

He received his PhD in January 2007 with the topic 'Semantic Web enabled Multimedia Presentation system'. His research interests cover multimedia annotation and processing, augmentation of media with associated content and interactive interfaces to mobile and TV content.