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Lin Clark, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI Galway

Lin Clark

Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI Galway
Research Fellow at DERI

Google, Microsoft und Yahoo starten mit Schema.org eine Initiative für ein einheitliches Vokabular für strukturierte Daten im Web


In May of 2011, the triumvirate of Google, Yahoo, and Bing got everyone talking about structured data with their announcement of Schema.org, a new way for the search engines to understand web pages. In this talk, I will introduce the primary use case for Schema.org, talk about how we can bridge the gap with the Web of Data, demonstrate some tools, and explore the limitations and opportunities that Schema.org presents.


Lin is a Researcher at DERI, NUI Galway, focusing on Linked Data in content management systems. She is also an active member of the Drupal community. She contributed to the RDF in Drupal 7 core initiative and is an active member of the HTML5 in Drupal 8 initiative. She is the creator of Drupal modules SPARQL Views and Microdata, co-maintainer of RDFx and SPARQL modules, and coordinator of the Linked Data planning sprints. She has spoken and written extensively about the use of Linked Data technologies for practical and everyday applications at conferences such as DrupalCon, SemTech, and the International Semantic Web Conference as well as developer targeted publications such asIBMdeveloperWorks.